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Bringing clients opportunities to invest in stocks with enormous potential. Our investment strategy has successfully given Index beating returns with 31.63% returns in 2019 and 25.6% CAGR.


Name: 2019 Performance IB
Account: Consolidated
Alisa: Intellistocks
Base Currency: USD
Analysis Period: January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019 (Quartely)
Performance Measure: TWR
Important Note:

Absolute Returns Value Comparison-India 2012-30th Sep 2018

Intellistocks 25.6%
Dow Jones 11.7%
Gold 5.6%

CAGR % Benchmark Comparison-Global 2015-30th Sep 2018

2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Intellistocks 9.8% 38.8% 44.1% 8.1% 31.63%
Dow Jones -2.2% 13.4% 25.1% 2.51% 22.34%
Gold -11.6% 8.6% 13.2% 1.73% 18.90%

Absolute Returns Value Comparison-Global 2015-2018

2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Intellistocks 43.7% 23.3% 69.6% 15.6% 39.1% 45.4% -7.2% 21.7%
Nifty 27.7% 6.8% 31.4% -3.9% 2.8% 25.2% 3.16% 12.02%
Gold 8.7% -27.6% -0.4% -11.6% 8.6% 13.2% -0.52% 18.90%

Our Focus Areas

We handpick high quality, low-risk stocks from economies around the world with the potential to deliver phenomenal returns. We identify attributes in stocks that can drive them above the competition. These stocks can change fortunes. Every focus stock, passing our multi-layer scrutiny and long-term growth trajectory.
Precious Metals
Precious Metals & Energy
To achieve diversification, we offer rightful asset allocation, with precious metals being of particular interest. We follow international spot, forward, and OTC markets, staying up to date with advancements. Their contra correlation to other financial instruments helps to create a diverse portfolio for clients.
Fixed Income
Fixed Income
We ensure that our recommendations are best-suited to our clients' needs. Our team of experts monitor the domestic and international monetary policy, understanding any changes to the markets. We place a particular focus on dynamic interest rates, duration calls, and credit-curve.

Invest Better, At Your Terms

Invest Better, At Your Terms

World-Class Risk Protection in line with bank-grade standards. Your money stays in your account with full availability and exclusive access. That’s just part of our promise to exceed expectations.

Peace of mind

Peace of mind

Intellistocks protect investors’ money, taking pride in providing industry-leading security throughout all services. Giving investors’ confidence and making informed recommendations, clients of Intellistocks can relax, knowing their money is in safe hands.

Our Core

Our Core

Safety, trust, and performance: the three things that you want in an investment firm, and these are three things we promise to deliver to you.

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No, there is no lock-in period. As a happy Intellistocks client, you enjoy complete flexibility and liquidity without any penalties. This means you can add further capital or remove your funds whenever you like. Period.

When it comes to investing for the future, you’ve likely had a couple of options: You could do it yourself, or you could hand it off to an advisor (in most of the cases, a banker). The first can be tedious, time-consuming, and error-prone; the second has historically meant tolerating outdated technology and potential conflicts of interest such as suggesting to you the funds where they make the most not you.

Unlike many other investment managers such as bankers, we’re a fiduciary, which means we act in your best interests. We’re not incentivized to recommend certain funds, neither we deal in any kind of opaque investment strategy. That means we’ll do what we believe is right for you. We always put you first.

Our aggressive category global portfolios delivered robust 31.63% in 2019.

The performance threshold directs to projected profits based on a combination of past performance figures and pre-analysis of future market movements. We are a serious veteran investing company so this is not an assured return program. We are investors – not marketers. That is why we never promise returns. What we do is researching the past, analysing present, and invest in future winners based on experience and data.

Based on our best understanding an expectation of 20%+ average annual returns should be possible with a time horizon of 5+ years.

Intellistocks is secure and trustworthy, onboarding you with Interactive Brokers; the global leader in online broking with USD 156.6 billion of client assets (as of 01/10/2019) on a consolidated basis.

We believe that selling is very important. Our methodical approach, excellent skill-sets, and in-depth market knowledge allow us to exit stocks at most opportune times.