Simple Process

At Intellistocks, we pride ourselves on providing a simple service, weighing up risk vs reward to invest cleverly, and keep our clients happy. We also make sure every client remains in full control of their investments. Here’s how it works:

1 Getting to know you

We believe that to create successful investments, you have to know your clients. We take time to understand your objectives, goals, and fears to create a long-term plan, which will work in line with your financial situation.

2 Building your portfolio

Once your investment account is set up with Interactive Brokers/Kotak, we build a personalised portfolio, with a risk level and investment mix which suits your objectives.

3 Getting started

Next, we translate your investment strategy into a smart and actionable plan, regularly checking that the investments recommended have been executed well.

4 Continuous monitoring

Our team of experts consistently monitor your portfolio, following evolving trends, and working to understand and predict upcoming trends. This enables us to make informed decisions to protect your investments and benefit you financially, wherever possible.

5 Keeping you in control

While we always act in your best interests, we also know the importance of clients being in control over their investments. You can stay informed with the status of your investments, using your login to start and stop your investment account as you wish.

What makes Intellistock Unique?

Easy set-up
Getting started is easy, designing a plan to meet your objectives.
Control over investments
Have complete access to your portfolio, cancelling or withdrawing at any chosen time.
Full support
We're on hand 24x5 to guide you through every investment decision.
Personalised investments
We help you create your dream portfolio, making rewarding investments.
Fully protected
Clients' money is safe, with our client fund protection program in place.
We deliver tailored high-caliber performance to global portfolios.
Talented team
Our team has 425+ years of combined industry expertise.
Global opportunities
Our investors cover 26 nations and 120 markets.
We are registered in India, the UAE, and Textthe London Stock Exchange.

Anyone who is not investing now is missing a tremendous opportunity.

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You and only you. Your trading and Demat account are held in your name and only you have the password for it. Any inward/outward financial transaction will happen only in/from your bank account. At no point in time, Intellistocks will ask you for your account password. You have complete capital control over the account and free to monitor its status. We will only be getting on-demand MIS and account statements.

You will always own all stocks fully paid by you. All Intellistocks accounts at Interactive brokers are maintained under U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission guidance which ensures U.S. brokers segregate and maintain in a good control location, paying for customer securities.

Intellistocks Registered Investment Advisor with Interactive Brokers (for International equities only). Thus, for us to manage your investments, you will need to open the required account.

You control your funds. To ensure seamless investment experiences, Intellistocks let you withdraw available investment account funds anytime, in most countries, quickly and easily. The bottom line is: it’s your money; do what you want with it.

Account protection features ensure your account’s security. Investment account login environments have 2048-bit EV Certificates, TLS 128-bit or higher encryption, establishing a secure connection while ensuring the confidentiality of information passed between computers and trading servers.