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Intellistocks is a licensed global investment company, working to help clients achieve their investment goals, faster, smarter, and safer. Our team of mufti-national experts works to deliver industry-leading performances and investments. Trusted for 12 years with 4800+ investors, we are proud to have a 25.6% CAGR.

Investments Tailored to You

Investments Tailored to You

Using market knowledge and understanding long-term trends, we develop successful portfolios, designed specifically for each client, making intelligent investments based on analytics, data, and extensive research. We advise investors across 26 nations and 120 markets, as well as being registered in India, the UAE, and the London Stock Exchange.

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Our clients are from different geographies and work for leading companies like Google, Microsoft, Nestle, Reliance, Nokia, ONGC, Facebook, Salesforce, and many more…

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We curate personalised investment portfolios from a mix of handpicked stocks, ETFs, and precious metals.

Why Should I choose Intellistocks? “Intellistocks Professional advisory help goes far beyond picking stocks. Intellistocks arms you with the expertise and resources which help you plan your financial future.

Your Investments Are Safe with Intellistocks. We care for your hard-earned money. Our goal is to help our clients grow their portfolios while managing risk to the best of our abilities. We always primarily focus on risk management and risk vs reward. We first assess risk in every position we take on various parameters which are very detailed & meticulous.

We begin our journey to find the businesses that will flourish, no matter who rules or what happens to the economy. Stocks with an insignificant market capitalization that are below our screening levels are eliminated. Application of significant quantitative filters to select companies that have a solid track record, or the companies that we believe to have the ability to the turnaround in the future. We then further filter based on the intrinsic value approach and the companies that have a strong economic moat that will help them outperform their industry peers. Every qualified stock is now ranked across the market as well as within its sector using the derived multi-factor models and also considering risk vs. reward. We tap the micro & macro development and keep track of key risk factors every day as it helps manage portfolio risks and keeps the investments responsive to evolving trends and developments.

Firstly, risk management is of top priority to us. Even though all investments come with a certain level of risk involved in them, our team of diligent risk managers always make sure that your potential downside is kept under check and as per your risk profile. Secondly, the safety of your investment is of paramount importance to us. Every investment account in US stocks at Intellistocks is protected up to $500,000 against the failure of a broker by The Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC), regardless of US citizenship.

We Bring You The Future Of Performance-based Compensation With EROS (Equal Responsibility & Opportunity Structure).

Intellistocks EROS has the “Same Boat” concept. We believe When a managed investment underperforms, the manager should suffer not implicit but explicit losses on the same scale as he benefits from gains when the managed investment performs.

Intellistocks EROS also removes the inherent conflict of interest between investors and managers as they both are part of the same team with the singular goal which is investment growth.